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ATM Services

A CESCC debit card is an electronic chip cards which are more secure than magnetic card. This service is issued to CESCC members with a commitment of providing quality services. Customers can withdraw cash from more than 1000 ATM booth in SCT-UPI network.We have our own ATM booth located in City Express Money Transfer-Kamaladi


Easy withdrawal amount from more than 1000 ATM booth of SCT network.

No risk of carrying cash while travelling.

Cards are valid for 4 years

No additional charge on cash withdrawal from CESCC ATM booth.

Per-transaction withdraw 16,000.00|-

Per day Transaction 50,000.00|-

Per day transaction limit 5 times.

Fees and Charges

1 Card Issuance Fee Free
2 Card Re-Issuance Fee 300
3 Card Replacement Fee 300
4 Annual Fee 200
5 Pin Re-Generation 50

SCT Member Banks

S.No Bank Name
1 Civil Bank Limited
2 Everest Bank Limited
3 Global Bank Limited
4 NMB Bank Limited
5 Prabhu Bank Limited
6 Nepal Bank Limited
7 Himalayan Bank Limited
8 Laxmi Bank Limited
9 Nabil Bank Limited
10 Agricultural Development Bank
11 Aarati Multipurpose Co-Operative Ltd.
12 IME Cooperative
and many more...

For More SCT member banks please visit:

Contact Details

Ghantaghar, Jame Market

Kathmandu, Nepal
Post Box No. : 15142 KPC : 171
Phone No. : 977-1-5354192
E - mail :
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